Discover The Micro System Portfolio That Made +2351 Units Profit And How You Can Replicate It Instantly
The Simple Guide To Making Mega Profits From Micro Systems
Have you ever tried building a portfolio of betting systems?

It’s the key to getting rich.

If you’ve not heard of it, it’s like having a portfolio of stock and shares, or a portfolio of properties.

With a diverse portfolio you are reducing your risk.

When you use betting systems, a diverse portfolio means a range of systems which look at niche angles in horse racing to find the under-valued horses, and allow you to bet on them to make a profit.

If you’ve tried to make your own portfolio of betting systems in the past, I’d wager that they didn’t work out for you.

I know that because I’ve been there, and I also know… it’s not your fault.

There’s lots of blog posts and articles on the internet, which say how easy it is to build a betting system portfolio.

Those folk have clearly never done it!

The time it takes to thoroughly research, test and track a portfolio of betting systems is insane!

That’s assuming you know what you’re doing to start with.

If you don’t have that time and expertise, your portfolio is never going to work.

It won’t glue together.

You’ve got to start with the expertise on how to build a profitable micro-system.

Which is why we made the report...

5 Steps To Mega Profits From Micro Systems

This report is just 10 pages long.

In these 10 pages you’ll learn everything you need to know about how to make mega profits from micro systems.

It’s going to turn you into an instant expert.

Which is kinda why it’s so hotly requested.

It’s also why it’s not publicly available.

Those 10 pages will change your life!

I can’t claim ownership, Patrick is the mastermind behind the report.

He’s also the person who creates micro-systems for the Race Advisor, and you can find the rules to them on our blog.

What you won’t know is… Patrick runs more than 60 micro-systems in his own portfolio!

He’s made hundreds more; some that are being tested and ready to go into the portfolio, some that didn’t make the cut, and some that he used to use but has now removed from his portfolio.

I wanted to find a way to bring Patrick’s expertise into your hands.

I wanted to make him the glue that holds your betting system portfolio together.

When I looked at the results of the micro-systems Patrick has made for the Race Advisor, they’ve made a combined profit of +2351.52 units profit over the last seven years.

That’s an average of +335 units profit each year.

Or even better… £8,375 per year to £25 stakes!

My jaw hit the floor.

I knew they were good, but that was exceptional.

So I got on a video call with Patrick and said…

“How can I get the Race Advisor readers access to your portfolio? I know from the feedback on the micro-systems on the blog, that a lot of people are making big profits from them, how can I make them more?”

He, politely, told me that he wasn’t about to share his entire portfolio.

No surprise there I guess! It didn’t stop me from feeling a bit gutted though.

Then he said… “but I can share the selections from the ones on the Race Advisor” Bulls Eye!

“You know they made +2351.52 units profit right?’ I ventured.

Yeah, he knew.

He also knew that most people who read them, didn’t do anything with the selections. His take on it was, that since he was finding the horses for himself every day anyway, he may as well share them with Race Advisor readers.

Man I was so excited I wanted to shout.

I held back.

It was kinda late and I didn’t want to wake the kids up!

Every month Patrick creates a new micro-system just for Race Advisor readers.

He creates it using the exact same method that is inside the 5 Steps To Creating A Profitable Betting System Portfolio report.

That’s the 10 page report that you can’t get your hands on!

I’ve agreed with him that every time he creates a new micro-system for the portfolio, he will also send selections to a select group of people.

Micro-systems only have between 20 and 50 selections per year.

Currently there are eight micro-systems, which means between 160 and 400 selections per year.

Nothing is hidden.

The rules for every micro-system are available on the Race Advisor blog.


  • if you want the benefit of Patrick’s expertise...
  • If you want to have every system in the portfolio monitored for you...
  • If you want to have every selection sent automatically to you...

Then I have exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

However, this isn’t for everybody. So before I tell you exactly how it works, I need to make sure that you’re going to benefit from Patrick’s expertise.

Patrick can do pretty much everything for you, but you’ve still got to have a mindset that is prepared to change what you’re presently doing.

You’ve got to have a mindset for success!

If you’ve got that, Patrick is going to show you how to win using a portfolio of betting systems.

He’s going to send you his 5 Steps To Mega Profits From Micro Systems after you’ve joined.

This will show you exactly how to build your own profitable betting system portfolio.

With each micro-system making Patrick an average of +45 units per year, there’s a reason this isn’t available anywhere else.

It’s important you understand the process behind the magic.

  • You don’t have to worry about spending time researching new angles…
  • You don’t have to worry whether the angles are going to work or not...
  • You don’t have to worry about finding selections for lots of angles every day...
All that will be taken care of for you.

You must, however, be prepared to spend the time to read the 10 page report.

This is a report that can change your life forever.

To be honest, I am still not sure he really wanted to give it away, only he figured most people wouldn’t be bothered to read it anyway.

I know different.

I know you want success.

I know that if success is an 10 page report - you’ll read it!

If you’re not prepared to read it, then turn away now.

Patrick started off as a football expert. He made his profits by focusing on obscure leagues in countries that most people never consider.

He made it pay well!

When you start looking at the things most people aren’t interested in, you start finding advantages that you didn’t have before.

That’s exactly what Patrick did.

He drilled down into these obscure leagues, finding the micro-angles that the bookmakers had priced completely wrong.

When the bookmakers started realising they were losing money on these leagues, they changed their odds and the advantage started to disappear.

The advantage of being an expert is that you recognise these changes before they affect your profits.

So he switched from obscure football leagues to finding micro-systems in the obscure corners of horse racing that nobody was looking at.

That’s why he’s so easily able to build out a new micro-system every month and add it to his portfolio.

You know the folk who say that building a portfolio of micro-systems is as easy as the A-B-C. So easy a child could do it.

I’m sorry to be the one to have to tell you this, but it’s important you know… they lied to you.

If it was that easy everybody would be doing it.

Which is why it’s not your fault that when you’ve tried portfolio betting before it hasn’t worked.

It’s the fault of those people who told you it was super-simple, when the truth is it’s not.

And... that’s why I’m not suggesting you build your own portfolio!

You should just follow Patrick’s.

As there are eight micro-systems in Patrick’s portfolio at the moment, and… every month he’ll add a new micro-system into the portfolio, as well as checking that the previous ones are still performing, it means that...

  • Every month the cost of getting access to his portfolio will increase

That’s why now is the best time for you to register!

Not only will you get the benefit of all the micro-systems that have made +2351 units to date, but every month you’ll also get Patrick’s latest micro-system for zero charge!

Every month the cost of accessing Patrick’s horses will increase, as each new micro-system is added.

However, once you’ve joined, your cost will be locked in for as long as you’re a member.

Every single day, in the UK, there’s around £11,000,000 bet on horse racing.

Out of this, the bookies can be expected to make between £1,000,000 to £3,000,000 in profit every single day.

And that’s just horse racing!

Every day there’s roughly 240 horses taking part in a race.

The bookies know that most bettors will be focusing on the favourite, second favourite or the third favourite.

So guess what… they focus their attention on these horses.

These are the horses where the majority of their profits are made, so it makes sense for them to focus on them.

But that leaves 168 horses every day which they’re not focusing on.

And if they’re not focusing on them... they’re likely to make a mistake.

And they do!

It’s these mistakes we need to find to make a profit.

It’s these situations where the bookies have under-estimated a horse’s chance, because they’ve not focused on it, that Patrick uncovers.

Do the bookies care?

You bet they do.

They’ll shut you down super-quickly.

Which means you should take as much from them as possible before they do that… then start using the betting exchanges when they’ve shut down your accounts.

Patrick’s portfolio is different because it hunts out these opportunities like a gun dog.

Each micro-system may only find an average of two or three selections per month.

And on their own, it’s not enough to make a decent profit.

But... start using eight together and you get an average of 20 selections a month.

The profit from that is serious.

With more possibilities every month with each new micro-system.

In the report, 5 Steps To Mega Profits From Micro Systems, you will get the exact steps you need to follow to be able to create your own portfolio of micro-systems.

This will set you up for life.

You will always be able to follow these steps to build a betting portfolio that makes you a profit.

As I mentioned, this report isn’t currently available.

But Patrick has agreed to let you have access to it when you join his ‘done-for-you’ portfolio service.

This is where he will send you the horses he finds from his portfolio every day.

Currently there are eight systems in his portfolio, and each month he will add a new one.

Of course, whenever a new one is added, you’ll also get the rules to it so you know exactly what is being followed.

But the great thing is… you won’t have to find the horses yourself, Patrick will find them for you every day and email them straight to you.

With a profit of +2351 units to date, or +335 units per year, you’d have made an average of £8,375 per year at £25 stakes.

Heck… even to £10 stakes you’d have made £3,335 a year.

That’s worth at least £335 per year.

The currently unavailable, 5 Steps To Mega Profits From Micro Systems, is valued at £97.

It’s short; what you will find inside is 100% actionable information that will teach you how to become a master of portfolio betting in thirty days or less.

That’s a total value of £432.

If that could make you back £3,335 a year, would that be worth it to you?

Patrick’s not going to ask for £432.

He’s not even going to ask for £132.

Usually he would ask just £43 per month.

Heck, it’s Christmas!

This year has been kinda rough.

So he’s decided to ask only £16 per month.

It gets even better!

When you join today the cost will be based on a dimesale. This means that the price will increase after every ten new members.

It’s going to start at just £1 for the first thirty days for the first people to join, and the quicker you register the cheaper it will be because the price will increase as new members register.

You can see below what the current offer is for the first thirty days, and remember... the next person who joins could push the current price higher.
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There are going to be two groups of people right now…

The first group are going to decide that this isn’t for you. That spending a few pounds to learn how to make an average of +335 units profit a year, and have the horses sent to you, just isn’t worth it.

And that’s fine.

Because this is meant for the folk who want to fight to succeed. Those who will do whatever it takes to become profitable in horse racing.

If you’re happy getting frustrated that you can’t find a profit. If it doesn’t bother you that the bookmakers are consistently taking your money. Then you’ll be in this group. Nothing will change, and the bookmakers will continue to take your money.

Or you’ll be in group two....

And group two are the winners.

If you’re in this group you'll realise spending a few pounds to potentially make £3,335 a year is a no-brainer.

You know doing what you’re currently doing, that’s already not working, is going to continue not to work.

You know that you need to change things if you want to be a successful horse racing bettor.

Because you’ve read this far, you’re one of the people who knows that in order to succeed you have to move forwards.

You’re one of the people who are going to take Patrick’s micro-system portfolio and soar with it.

I’m ready to send you Patrick’s 5 Steps To Mega Profits From Micro Systems report on how you can find your own micro-systems, and turn them into an insanely profitable portfolio right now.

I’ll send it to you as soon as you join his service to get the horses sent in your portfolio sent to you every day.

It’s now up to you to succeed.