The 3-Step System For Finding Profitable Selections

99% of bettors lose.

That’s the uncomfortable truth.

Sadly it means the only people who win are the bookmakers.

To make things worse... the bookmakers won’t allow the 1% of winning bettors to place bets with them. They literally only take bets from people who lose!

In the next few minutes I’m going to show you exactly why you‘ve not made it into the 1% of profitable bettors.

And it’s not your fault!

Everything has been designed for you to lose.

Bookmakers want you to lose.

They create a 20%, 30% or even higher advantage in their favour. You’ve got to overcome that before you can break-even, let alone make a profit!

The bets a bookmaker recommends to you are the bets which make them the most profit. It’s why you’ll often see bets promoted that give huge returns highlighted.

It’s why you only ever see bookmakers shouting about the bettors who placed £5 bets and walked away with thousands.

Because they make great stories.

They make people want to bet more, and the bookies know that the chance of it happening is so slim they’ll make five, ten and twenty times the amount of money they have to pay out from everybody placing their bets chasing a dream.

If you want to make a profit, then you want to stay away from any bets the bookmaker is recommending you take. They’re pretty much guaranteed to be bad bets.

Then there are the tipsters…

Let’s begin by saying I have nothing against tipsters.

Some of them really know their stuff, and their bets make them a profit. Of that there is no doubt.

Of course, there are plenty of unscrupulous tipsters. People who can’t make a profit themselves but still sell their unprofitable tips to make a profit.

If you can navigate the minefield of knowing which tipsters are good and which are bad, you’ve probably spent a very long time doing it, which is why it’s so disappointing when the tipster you’ve spent months monitoring, and finally decided to join, then starts losing!

Why does this happen?

Because by following a tipster you’re trying to force a square peg into a round hole.

By which I mean you are the round hole, and tipster selections are the square peg.

Here’s the truth…

Even if you don’t realise it, you will always be comfortable with a certain way of betting. These are the questions you need to ask yourself to know what you’re comfortable with.

* How much time do you have?

* How many bets do you like a day (on average)?

* Do you like low risk or high risk bets?

* How big is your bankroll?

* What return on investment would you like to have?

* Are you comfortable with losing streaks or not?

Have you ever had a tipster ask you these questions before you join them?

Of course you haven’t.

Have you ever had a tipster ask how you are finding their tips, if you’re comfortable with their selections?

The reason why is because it wouldn’t matter to them if you weren’t.

Not because they’re horrible people, it’s because they have a method for finding selections that’s fixed. They can’t change it because it works for them.

That’s the problem.

There’s almost zero chance that what works for them will work for you.

Over the last two decades I can count on one hand the number of people I’ve met who have found a tipster that has given the same answers to the questions above that they gave.

If just one of your answers above are different to the tipsters you are following, it doesn’t matter how much profit the tipster is making from their selections, you won’t make any.

To profit from horse racing everything has to be aligned.

Your answers to all the questions above, plus your expectations and approach to betting have to be aligned. If there’s one thing out, you won’t be able to make a profit.

That’s the reason you’ve not been able to make a long-term profit yet.

It’s the why you’ve been searching for.

How do you change it?

How do you get everything aligned so it works for you?

You have to learn how to find your own selections.

But don’t worry… it doesn’t have to be difficult.

I created a simple, three step system for finding profitable selections.

  1. Find the worst horses in the race so you can eliminate them
  2. Find the strongest horses from those left so you can focus on them
  3. Use a simple, 5 minute technique to confirm which of the horses are worth betting on

Out of those three steps, the only step you need to focus on is step three. I’m going to do all the others for you!

I want you to focus on learning how to do step three because that’s what’s going to make you a profit.

Learning how to choose the horses you’re going to bet on from the strongest horses in the race, is the quickest way to make a long-term profit because everything you need aligned will be. Everything will be in the right place to allow you to launch your profitable betting career.

Which is why I call it Launch Pad.

Every day you’ll get a list of strong horses to consider for backing, and strong horses to consider for laying.

All you need to do is follow the five minute process to determine which of the horses you should bet on.

This is the most important skill you can learn, because once you’ve learnt this skill you’ll be able to use it with an unlimited number of strategies.

Which is why teaching you this skill is my main focus, and I’m personally on hand to go through the process with you.

I know that once you master this, you will be profitable.

Although I’m on hand to personally help you, you will still have to practice. If you don’t practice you won’t become a master.

This means you’ll need to be prepared to spend thirty minutes a day learning and practicing. If you can’t commit to that, this isn’t for you.

But if you can.

It’s time to launch yourself into profitable betting.

One thing is certain, if you keep doing what you’ve been doing, this time next year you’ll be in the same place you are now.

Or… you could change what isn’t working. You could learn a new skill, and this time next year you can be celebrating your first year as a profitable bettor!


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* How to find profitable lay horses 91% of the time
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